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“The only thing that can stop this corrupt
machine is you.  The only force strong enough
 to save our country is us”

- Donald Trump, Nov 4 2016

"Make visible what's happening."  - Sister Rosalie Bertell
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Kohler Company Announced Vaccine Mandate

After the Rider Cup event the Kohler Company in Kohler Wisconsin announced that all employees must get vaccinated or loose thier jobs.. here's a bit of the response outside the Kohler company.  The 1700+ deaths from the first speaker is numbers from the government website -->

Nancie Orticelli speaks at the Western New York Freedom Seekers rally, October 27, 2021 prior to the monthly meeting of the Chautauqua County legislature. A Buffalo native and organizer for the New York State Constitutional Coalition, Orticelli offers a background on statewide opposition to Gov. Hochul's mask and vaccination mandates, and 'critical race theory' being pushed by Democrats, and the recent influence of Social Democrats (self-proclaimed socialists) in the State legislature. In an interview, Orticelli also notes that Buffalo, the State's 2nd largest city, could be transformed overnight into a socialist-led city should Social Democrat Indira Walton beat incumbent mayor Byron Brown, a Democrat. Over $5 billion of cash from billionaire George Soros created an umbrella group of left and socialist groups called Open Buffalo which provided shock troops (a staff of some 115 organizers) for the Walton campaign. The Soros-funded organizations include PUSH Buffalo, Voice Buffalo, and the Coalition of Economic Justice. Notable left activists such as Michael Moore, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders have campaigned for Walton.

Chautauqua County Legislature 10 27 21 Mayville, NY During a 'privilege of the floor' commentary to Chautauqua County legislators at their monthly meeting, Gerrit Cain explains how the county government has become addicted to federal funding - overdosing. "When faced with arbitrary mandates that we know are wrong, it becomes difficult to stand up for what is right." Cain is the Libertarian Party's candidate for Chautauqua County's 16th District. Through an executive order, the Biden Administration created the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), distributing $1.9 trillion to cities, counties and territories. What strings are attached to those cities and counties receiving this largess?

Jack Cashill outlines Manchurian Candidate Obama (and President) in his most recent book, Obama's Promised Land: Deplorables Need Not Apply. In speaking to the Southern Tier Tea Party Patriots (Jamestown NY, July 27, 2021), Cashill reveals that Obama was ignorant of his own history until dumpster diver David Axelrod (Obama's chief strategist) revealed it to him. And subsequently political operative Jesse Jackson induced the Manchurian President Barack Obama to exploit racism (& Marxist critical race theory) to assure his reelection and further the Great Reset agenda.

A History Teacher's Warning

Social Studies teacher Angela Bittinger speaks at a Town Hall Meeting (Chautauqua County, NY), Sept. 30, 2021 Pine Valley school plans to hold a disciplinary meeting with Bittinger onTuesday, October 12 at 9 am. Pine Valley Central School is located at 7755 Rt. 83 South Dayton, N.Y. Ms Bittinger spoke at a Town Hall meeting sponsored by State Senator George Borrello (R, 57th District), at the Kiantone Volunteer Fire Station. [GO FUND ME FOR ANGELA BITTINGER -]
Teacher Bittinger was initially investigated under ‘critical race theory’ charges (and acquitted) and then is being investigated for her vaccine stance, telling her students that decisions about masks and vaccines should be made "with their parents and their doctors, and that their teacher should not be the one telling them what to do.' PARTIAL TEXT OF ANGELA BITTINGER'S SIX MINUTE REMARKS: "As a history teacher, I’m just going to tell you, there’s a lot bigger thing going on here that a lot of people are not paying attention to. Number one, if you trust your government, your history teacher did not do their job…Kathy Hochul, the way that she talked on Sunday [Sept. 26], did you hear that? “I need you to be my apostles.” [Insert: Gov. Hochul to her audience: “Yes, I know you’re vaccinated. You’re the smart ones, but you know there are people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants. You know this. You know who they are. I need you to be my Apostles.”] "You don’t talk to people and tell them to be your Apostles. That is Jesus’ job, that is not your job, honey….I’m just going to tell you, the schools are actually the training ground for a lot of the agenda the government is pushing on children, and I’m not going to be a part of it any more. "I’m going to walk away. I’m done being bullied, I’m done being accused of things and I’m done being dragged through the dirt…I’m tired of pushing masks on the kids…we’re lying to parents…you need to look up the Nine Steps to Genocide, because honestly, we’re at about stage four. So my question to you guys [Senator Borrello, Assemblyman Goodell, and County Executive PJ Wendel] how can you protect the teachers when the nurses just got run out of their jobs?…I’ll walk away. I’ll quit my job, but there’s a much bigger picture going on in this State and in this Country, and people need to open their eyes.”

Women attempt to inform Chautauqua Health Board on vaccine dangers
Four women attempt to inform members of Chautauqua County (NY public health board about the dangers of following WHO dictates on mandated vaccines and mask wearing.
Before the commentary, Dr Lillian Ney, president of the Chautauqua County Health Board, responded to a earlier letter to the Board: "The letter talks about a global agenda... against humanity and the hope that we are unaware of the information rather than being potentially complicit in supporting crimes against humanity. What has been mentioned is that there is an active case -- something I didn't know certainly -- that there is an active case of crimes against humanity against the CDC, the WHO and other organizations that began July 4 in Nuremberg in Germany. There are some websites that are available to find out about this and I did want you to be aware of this. I do feel that we don't have an obligation immediately to discuss the issue, to talk about it, or to make any counterclaims but I think I can share everybody's concern for misinformation and I can also share our mission while we are members of the board -- is to uphold public safety and the science that is behind it."

New York Mothers protest Cov-19 vaccinations to Southwester School Board (part 2)

School Board Informed Consent NY
Southwestern School Board July1 2021 Mothers present concern about the health and well-being of their children.
Jamie Broda, the first of several speakers - Part 2 of 3 removed from youtube within minutes of upload

Industrial Wind Chautauqua - Environmental Destruction
40,000 acres are impacted by the 100 plus wind turbines slated for the region. NY Independent System Operator (NYISO) states: in Western NY Industrial Wind produces 10% of what is claimed. Each turbine consists of 900 tons of steel, 2500 tons of concrete, tons of non recyclable plastic and rare earth metals the mining of which is devastating areas where it is sourced. Nature lovers know the vast numbers of birds, bats and insects that are needlessly killed. Break-even for turbines in this area is 20 years.

Solar concerns: Chautauqua Township: June 16, 2021
It’s like a scene out of The Hunger Games. Citizens of District 57 [**] / Chautauqua Township want “community protection” from the cynically named “Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act” (CLCPA). In the name of fighting “climate change,” the Leadership (Cuomo) in the Capitol demand the rural communities surrender to mandated subsidized industrial solar arrays and wind turbines, in order to “fight climate change” Toward the end of the hearing, the town attorney says that without a PILOT [payment in lieu of taxes, issued by the County IDA, the projects would not be undertaken."

 Excerpts: “The bulk of solar panels are made in China. Won't these be made in Communist China which doesn’t care about the environment or health of its people?” “You’re talking 16 thousand solar panels…you can’t tell me when the wind blows from Mayville coming over those panels that my place right next door is not going to jump up 10 or 15 degrees or more?" “What type of bond is going to be set to take care of the damage when this shuts down? much funding is the State of New York giving your company?” “It's disingenuous to say NY State is not subsidizing these projects. "Costs increase because of the rare minerals required [mostly coming from China]. And extensive fossil fuels are needed to build, transport and operate this so-called 'green energy.'" "It’s all business…that’s what’s driving this whole scenario…” “The government is willing to pay anything to get these things done…The big guys in New York [see] all this money coming in…they they put them in without one care...about what happens at the end.” “It makes no sense in the laws of physics. Western New York [well above the 35th parallel] is the cloudiest, least solar irradiated land in the lower 48.” “What is the need for this? I don’t know we’re facing an immanent energy crunch, or lack of energy. Our population is diminishing.” “Where is the incentive? Are you actually getting paid per kilowatt hour, or are you getting paid for theoretically how many kilowatt hours being generated? This technology just doesn’t make sense.”',,,“The best solar agriculture is run by the Amish. Their entire energy source is solar.” “The fact that this is going to infringe on the Amish people…to me, that’s criminal.” “Most of the land that is farmed here in Chautauqua County is rented, leased; farmers rely on that leased land...[But now farmers [especially the Amish] have to compete with the state for land. “It costs more in this area to produce these panels than those panels will ever contribute in energy...Developers have no skin in the game. You come in here, you put it in, we’re left with it, paying for it…” “The plant in Buffalo that Tesla put up to build batteries…The State gave them $839 million; to this date, nothing’s come out of that factory, and they were promising jobs…” “I can’t imagine how this being next to my property will increase my property value. No one is going to come in and buy a piece of property that is right next to that" "Mayville’s water system that has been contaminated by PFAS chemicals…” "This energy [solar arrays] is not safe. When you talk about polyfluoroalkyl, PFAS, you’re talking about a forever chemistry. That’s how it’s defined. This PFAS accumulates and never decomposes.” “It’s going to cost a million dollars to filter this out of one well Mayville is trying to get back in service...“Chautauqua Township and and the Institution get water from the lake; You guys might be in store for a million dollar treatment plant if it goes into the lake. I doubt if a developer is willing to put up a bond for that kind of money in the event that something happens. “NY State Dept of Agriculture and Markets calls solar projects ‘a permanent conversion from agriculture to industrial land use.” “These panels are a chemical unit...They’re not free of risk. A lot of people have had problems with leaking or not working, and who disposes of them?” “What is your stance on emergency clean-up? At the last meeting you said possibly you could have somebody out there in 24 hours…I have a well that is probably 200 feet [from the array]” “I don’t see what the benefit for the greater community is.” "It's a great disservice to the people who live across from it. They have to look at it every day. The people who are earning the money or developing it, they’re not going to be around it. People move here to be in a rural area. The State already wants to add 55 cents more per gallon for propane, [natural gas] and gasoline to support ‘renewable energy…” “The towns may opt out; they have the right to opt out of Section 487, which essentially means those project [wind and solar], however in just about ever single case, these projects are not going in if they don’t get a pilot.” “I’m against it. I don’t even want a moratorium. I want it gone.” ** [District 57: Sen. Borrello's District]

Jack Cashill: Unmasking Obama
Jack Cashill’s most recent book, UNMASKING OBAMA, is a crucial reminder for those who have forgotten, or who weren’t paying close attention, to the Deep State embedded during Obama’s eight years of deception, race-baiting, and cover-up. The establishment media was in lock-step with Obama’s agenda, just as they are in lockstep against President Donald Trump’s America First. The ’alternative’ media critical of the Democrat’s agenda, Cashill calls the ’Samizdat’ (after the underground media of Russia’s socialist history).

The major media, Cashill notes, generally ignore ‘Samizdat’ internet reporting, leaving the job of attacking the ‘Samizdat’ to the second and third-string media Cashill calls “the firemen” who go after and destroy, if possible, those who challenge the official narrative. Cashill’s book gives us a useful look at what President Donald Trump is up against, as well as Obama’s role in fostering the anarchy and terrorism of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Obama is the closest thing we’ve seen to a Manchurian Candidate. Cashill reminds us that the major media covered up the revelation of the money and influence shepherding Obama along came from anti-American activist Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour and his employer, Saudi Prince Alwaleed ben Talal. And why is Julian Assange still in prison? In large part because his freedom would uncover many of the sordid crimes of the Obama years, including the murder of DNC data analyst Seth Rich, the probable source of the leaked Hillary-Podesta e-mails.

South Ripley: family farms, pasture, woodlands, a rural life abounding in ecological treasures in upland kettle holes and wetlands, crucial for wildlife. Here are headwaters for freshwater streams like Meeders Creek and 20-Mile Creek that course down through the famed escarpment, steep gorges lined with hardwood trees, cut through layers of shale and deep loamy soils near the base of the escarpment. Fishing, hunting, hiking, photography and a cherished tranquility - all are threatened: under serious assault by Governor Cuomo and his local facilitators.

May 2020, impromptu interview with Liana Lenska at a 'wake up America' anti-lockdown rally in Jamestown New York. Removed from Chautauqua Upadates on Youtube hours after it was posted a year ago. Opposition to 5G, masks, vaccination, lockdown, Cuomo dictatorship


Video begins with a Chautauqua County legislator George Borrello, candidate for County Executive: "We are putting in the old-fashioned foreign-made 500-foot tall leviathans that are going to destroy our natural environment.  These are not what we need here in Chautauqua County. The only green thing about these things is money because these Wall Street LLC’s have been created for the sole purpose of sucking up taxpayer dollars and spitting them out to the crony capitalists that are sucking up all that money. 



"This is not what we need in Chautuaqua County. We don’t need our natural vistas destroyed by this. We don’t need the adverse health effects that have been associated with windmills. "Everything you can say about fracking affecting our water table, about affecting human health, devastating property values -- everything like that can be said about windmills yet our governor is embracing windmills and has cast away fracking for the same reasons. This is ridiculous. And I’ll tell you something – this energy plan of his 50 by 30 sucks!" Later, in response to a second question from the audience about alternative energy, Mr. Borrello said: “We have to find out what is available. I don’t want to see a perpetual subsidy to create those jobs. It’s not right. It’s not right to burden the taxpayers with those things. I just don’t want to see a perpetual tax subsidy that creates that.”


Chautauqua County League of Women Voters sponsored a debate on industrial wind turbines in rural Chautauqua County. Dr.Mark Twichell represented concerned citizens (Preservation of Agricultural Land Serenity/Concerned Citizens Cassadaga Wind Project) versus David Alicia of the Sierra Club. More than a dozen local citizens participated in the discussion following the presentation. The event was held at JCC North, July 19, 2017.


This is the story of the all-too-rare public participation on whether to allow industrial wind turbines in a mostly rural township, Wyoming County, NY. Faced with pressures from the turbine companies, the Town Board mailed letters to its 1800 constituents, asking for their thoughts; the people of Attica overwhelmingly opposed turbines. The Town Board accordingly voted no to industrial wind turbines.

Their action is very unlike that of the Governor, who bypassed the State's legislature, mandating the adoption of the climate alarmists' draconian 50/30 energy agenda through his Dept of Public Service (DPS).

It was to Attica's advantage that they could see and hear the giant turbines in nearby Orangeville.

But of course, the story is not over. As Attica's town supervisor notes, Governor Cuomo could try to override home rule, forcing the giant wind turbine projects on resisting rural townships.

A HORROR STORY: Wind power in rural New York. Mary Kay Barton has been writing and speaking about the wind industry fraud since 2004. Albert Vliestra was passively in favor of wind turbines coming to Warsaw County, then he became ill -- with protracted ailments -- when they were installed in the area. After a long fight against the turbines, Cathi Orr lost. She sold her 100 acre farm at a substantial loss, and fled. Albert Vliestra too sold his dream home at a major loss. The living room where this interview takes place is that of Linda and Paul Makson. They are surrounded by 16 giant wind turbines that creak and groan and whistle and whoosh all the time, but the infrasound is worse. And worse yet, New York taxpayers are paying for it, as per Governor Cuomo's fraudulent "green energy" program.

CO2 Good/not bad: photo journalist Karen Harvey  Carbon dioxide is the most vital food for life on the planet yet it has
been blamed for causing 'climate change' . Karen Engstrom (Harvey), retired photojournalist (Chicago Tribune), a guest on 'Chautauqua Sunrise', makes the case for the importance of CO2 in the earth''s ecosystem. The effort to demonize carbon dioxide and create a 'carbon' tax is a fraud essential to the plan to initiate world governance.

Petition signed by 31,487 American scientists: "There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth."

Recorded before Trump's speech in Geneva Ohio (Ashtabula County), Oct. 27 2016. Organizers had three days notice. The public had even less. But the Olympic Training Center was filled to capacity hours before Trump arrived. Lines for admission, thousands of people long, snaked through the parking lot. Snowshoefilms interviewed hundreds; here are some of them:
"Trump is not of the parasite class that controls Washington; He's not in anybody's back pocket; he can maintain and defend the principles built into the Constitution; he's for America First; he's for the people, honest, wants what's best forAmerica, has no political side agenda, doesn't owe anybody; not a politician, not an insider; you got a shot with Trump; a [Constitutionalist] Supreme Court justice; secure borders, bringing back jobs; I've been waiting 50 years for someone like him..."

Trump concluded his remarks, "We are going to start making things again. We are going to start winning again. And together as a big group, a loving group, we will make America wealthy again; we will make America strong again; we will make America safe again. We will make America great again."

DONALD J TRUMP speaks to the people Hillary Clinton castigates as "the deplorables.' It's no joke, no slip of the tongue. We are, the cognizant public, deplorable to the oligarchs and their minions, like crooked Hillary -- or, as they say in Johnstown PA -- Hitlary. This 10 minute video shows the faces of Trump's audience in the coal and steel mining towns of Johnstown and Erie Pennsylvania. Audio selections from Trump's West Palm Beach rally, Oct 13, 2016.


Sep 14, 2016 - Canadian philosopher John McMurtry observes: “When these guys oppose Trump, and they say this is the reason why you shouldn't vote for Trump, I think it's the great connection of dots that has been lacking from this campaign," observes McMurtry. "Finally we have them out in the open. We have the war criminals, and the rest of that whole criminal state, the covert criminal state of the U.S. -they're now out in the open, and there's a candidate who very properly says... 'I think it is a badge of honor to be denounced by these people.' Who could not agree?”

McMurtry is referring to the August 2016 NYT statement by former 'top security officials' declaring they 'will not vote for Trump.' As McMurtry points out, many of these 'top officials' are actually war criminals who were 9/11 insiders who then pushed the U.S. into wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria etc. The philosopher singles out two of the Trump opponents, Philip Zelikow and John Negroponte. Zelikow notoriously wrote his PhD thesis on public myth-making, then wrote (with Ashton Carter and John Deutch) the CFR 1998 publication 'Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining the Transformative Event' - the document that outlined the Bush Administration's (read Chertoff) response to the 'transformative event' - 9/11. Bush insider Zelikow was subsequently picked to run the 9/11 Commission, insuring a cover-up.
Negroponte's 'death squad' history in El Salvador is widely known, as is his criminal role in Iraq, a repetition of his death squad strategy. Observes McMurtry, "I never took Trump seriously, until I saw the people who opposed him. The more I saw the people that opposed Trump, the more I realized, oh, well -- maybe Trump is standing for something that wasn't visible to me before, so I did my own research into Trump and what he was opposed to..."
Included also are the insights on Zelikow from Peter Dale Scott and Webster Tarpley (snowshoe videos from 2007), as well as clips from Trump's talks in Erie, PA and Milwaukee Wisconsin.
'Ride of the Valkyries' sequence played at the August 12 Erie PA Trump rally.
Clips also from snowshoefilms vids on Bill Kristol's PNAC and Foreign Policy Initiatives: Goy Guide #7 and appendix.


 -RNC Interviews..
Cleveland RNC July 17-21, 2016
Over the several days of the convention, snowshoefilms questioned delegates et al on the issues: neo-con wars, TPP, the media, globalism vs nationalism, immigration, political correctness...

Because of the hysterical charges of misogyny and racism leveled at Donald Trump, we made a point to get the views of African Americans and Hispanics.

It is evident that Soros' money is funding ideological shock troops with organizations like Black Lives Matter, a virtual domestic NGO designed to disorient and destabilize.

With this in mind, one must pay close attention to voices like Cynthia Jenkins, an African-American convention attendee from Florida, who explains the Soros-induced reality: "The black community is hurting...I have never in my lifetime seen black people come against the police the way that they do. When police are called into those communities, they come to protect them and to save them -- not to harm them. To have all this rhetoric and this divisiveness to come up in this young generation, I mean we are here in a new generation in our country for blacks and that is not something you want to start instilling in these young black men right now. To be against the police! - the people that are going to protect them when they call and when they need them especially in those crime ridden communities." Trump, Jenkins said, "He's going to make America great again for all people...if America would give him a chance to prove it, I think we will be happier for it."

Over and over, interviewees seemed inured to the hostility and deception of the media toward Trump and his supporters. A New York delegate said, "One of the most important things about Trump is that he hasn't been processed by the CFR and the Bilderbergs. And Trump is likely to expose some real crimes that have been committed since the neo-cons and Bush came to power."

 The notion of anthropogenic climate change is a protracted pay-op using misplaced religious fervor to implement UN-based taxing control (global governance)
"The Great Global Warming Swindle" had it right, years ago.

Mid-June 2015, hundreds of skeptical scientists and others gathered in Washington DC for the Heartland Institute's annual conference on 'global warming' or 'climate change.'

Intent on learning what the skeptical scientists assembled by the Heartland Institute thought about 'geo-engineering' (chemtrails), snowshoefilms interviewed some 17 scientists and others at the Heartland Institute's annual 'climate change' conference, June 2015, Washington DC.

For Part 3 of the includes Alan Moran, Ph.D.,
Robert M. Carter, Ph.D., Prof. Timothy Ball, Lord Christopher Monckton, Meteorologist Thomas Wysmuller,
Prof Cornelis van Kooten, astrophysicist Willie Soon, Physics Prof Howard Hayden, Craig D. Idso, PhD, Meteorologist Robert Endlich and Weather Channel Founder John Coleman.

Canadian climatologist Timothy Ball, author of The Deliberate Destruction of Climate Science, in a 2-hour talk in Mt Vernon Washington in late 2014, explicates the IPCC-driven climate hoax. Prof. Ball notes, "Environmentalism was a necessary paradigm shift. The idea that we should not despoil our nest and must live within the limits of global resources is fundamental and self-evident. Now let's examine how politics took over environmentalism and the subset global change through exploitation of fear and ignorance." 

CHEMTRAIL GIRLS (COMBO EDITION) Watch out for the Chemtrail Girls. They're out to wake you up, or rather 'create awareness.' Suzanne, the group's co-founder, soft-spokenly ends her narration this way, "What I would like to see is a top down removal of government systems because clearly they are all culpable; they're all complicit, they're all involved. And not just the government, there's the military, the universities. This is all very interrelated -- so I would like to see the spraying stopped and the people responsible punished." In this 20 minute film, Suzanne explains the 

psychopathic nature of the chemtrail program; she offers a quick introduction to the real world that a serious examination of chemtrails provokes. Suzanne reviews the work of Elana Freeland and her important book, Chemtrails, HAARP, and Full Spectrum Dominance.
With anti-chemtrail posters on the Toronto subway system, a full-page ad in Toronto's NOW magazine, highway billboards, farmers' market stalls and their internet presence, the Chemtrail Girls have begun to create awareness. Original music by Toronto's Obzerv.
"Best of 3" this is the final edit, an updated composite.


A nine-minute preview of "Sandy Hook: the best-kept delusion," a documentary-in-progress that features the efforts and insights of Wolfgang Halbig, his constitution law attorney Day Williams, Jim Fetzer and others in their visit to Newtown Connecticut to unravel the extraordinary happening, Sandy Hook.

Eric Holder resigned September 25, 2014. Sandy Hook's got to be on the long list of reasons.

The sale of the home is part of the global theft/surrender of the public commons. The Federal Reserve floods private banks with money ($16 trillion plus), but none of the cash goes to cities, states or counties; then those with access to money buy up public assets.
The protracted effort to keep the home introduced us to heroic, compassionate, thoughtful, wise people, some of whom speak in this last 'privilege of the floor' commentary. We have purposefully left out the sole voice for selling: Todd Tranum of the Chamber of Commerce who's given a weekly Post-Journal column to sell his privatization mantra. Also on the side of the privatizers were the Jamestown Post-Journal, the Chamber, The Mfgs Assn of the Southern Tier, County Executives (Greg Edwards & Vince Horrigan), the Chautauqua IDA, and the State's financial bias against county-owned nursing homes. As this video shows, the County-owned nursing home costs taxpayers very little.
In one of its headlines, the Post-Journal said the sale was 'Bitter Sweet'. Well, there was nothing sweet about it, unless you're rooting for Farbenblum, and privatization, and lowering the standard of living of a sizable group of unionized working people in the increasingly depressed north end of Chautauqua County. It was a sell out. And cheap! A needless betrayal. A purposeful and unnecessary ratcheting down of the standard of living. The sell outs followed the dictates in some respect of their constituents, who followed the dictates of the Post Journal. Sweet victory for the PJ but otherwise a betrayal.


BLOOD LETTING 101: Fred Larson
newly elected Chautauqua County legislator, blithely explains that Chautauqua County can't cut the pensions and medical plans for its employees, but the new privately-owned operator can. Irrespective of the truth or falseness of Legislator Larson's comments about pensions and health plans, Larson goes out of his way to explain to County Home employees, and the people of north county, and to other concerned citizens, that only by privatizing can we gut the standard of living of union people. 

Larson knows full well that Horrigan and Edwards are blowing smoke with their screams about losses. The issue is to crush the unions, get them out of the way for the neo-con Republican privatization agenda. The bulk of the legislators are quite willing to subsidize private and so-called not-for-profit hospitals and nursing homes, but not publicly owned ones.

Geologists Dr. Anthony Ingraffea and Glenn Wahl
Drawn from excerpts from talks in Chautauqua County in 2013, the geology teachers give us a 10-minute look at what 'fracking' means: ultra-high volume hydraulic fracturing of methane-rich Utica shale nearly 2 miles deep. It means clustered multi-well pads with long laterals. It means millions of miles of pipe, roughly 6 million gallons of water per well, thousands and thousands of trucks hauling water, pipe and the huge diesel engines that will pump some 600 chemicals (biocides, friction reducers, corrosion inhibitors, 

proprietary concoctions that not even emergency workers are allowed to know about). It means noxious emissions, noise pollution, and flowback: millions of gallons of flowback from the fracked wells, even more toxic now with heavy metal such as arsenic, barium; a radioactive sludge that further despoils streams, rivers and lakes when it leaches through retaining pits or landfills or is sold to cities and counties for its high salt content, sprayed as 'brine' on New York roads in the winter, and dirt roads in the summer. It means the 'Halliburton Loophole' which exempts the 'fracking industry' from parts of seven major environmental laws. In Pennsylvania, where fracking has taken its toll, the State has been forced to impose a gag order on medical doctors from talking to each other about their patients' illnesses caused by this process. Ultra high volume fracking methods are experimental; they've only been used since 2007. Let's not be guinea pigs. Join the 170 villages towns and cities in New York State that have issued bans or moratoria on ultra-high volume fracking. SEE MORE ON OUR FRACKING PAGE

Opposition to closing Lake Shore Hospital, a crucial institution which employs some 450 in northern Chautauqua County New York, culminated January 11, 2014 at a rally called by State Senator Kathy Young. Over a thousand attended, including hundreds of hospital staff and emergency workers. The 2-hour rally is condensed into 13 minutes. Filmed for Channel 5 Public Access, Mayville / Chautauqua NY snowshoe documentary films. camera: Karen Harvey, Roy Harvey & Barry Miller

Opposing the sale of the Chautauqua County Public Nursing Home, Karen Engstrom Harvey speaks on Public Access 5, Mayville. Karen is a retired journalist (Chicago Tribune) and co-founder of Snowshoefilms.

The 'American System' 
Why You Need to Know About It

by Donald Gibson: 'a snowshoefilms review' Donald Gibson’s new book needs a punchier title. I told him so in 2009.  
I looked forward to reading it, but only got to it recently.[i]  I’d call the book,  “The American System: Why Wealth Wants It Dead” or something like that. After all, the protagonist standing up to wealth, power and laissez faire capitalism is “the American System,” and those who understand and fight for it. (click to continue)

The Chautauqua County Legislature is about to vote -- for the 3rd time -- on the sale of the County Home. Preceding the vote, the public is given the chance during the 'privilege of the floor', to express its respective views for three minutes. Heartfelt, eloquent, informative, they appeal to the lawmakers to reconsider the effort to privatize the cherished, vibrant and necessary public institution. The privatizers lost; they failed to get the supermajority needed; but the October 30, 2013 vote wont be the last effort to sell. Unless the new legislators simply hold to the party line (Republican, championed by Horrigan), the new lawmakers should do their own 'due diligence' and study the Home themselves. There are LOTS OF GOOD REASONS to keep it!

Chautauqua County legislator Timothy Hoyer makes an impassioned plea for the common welfare in this October 30, 2013 statement. For the 3rd time, legislators voted against selling the highly prized county home. With few exceptions, the progressives who stood up to the privatization onslaught were swept from office on Nov. 5, 2013, leaving the home vulnerable to a quick and chep sale. Others voting to keep the Home were Keith Ahlstrom, Lori Cornell, Bill Coughlin, Bob Duff, Shaun Heenan, Tom DeJoe, Bob Scudder & Robert Whitney.



For The Office of County Executive In Chautauqua County NY

THE LAST WORD Legislator William F. Coughlin offers his views on the effort to sell the Chautauqua County(NY) Nursing Home to Chicago entrepreneur Avi Rothner for $16.5 million. October 18, 2012 (part one of a series)

NO NO NO - DON'T SELL - Chautauqua County executive Greg Edwards wants to sell the county's nursing home to Avi Rothner. No way, say many of Chautauqua's residents. Don't Sell. Pay attention to the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) study which the county paid for.

Chautauqua County considers dropping its historic responsibility to the elderly and disabled, selling off its County Home. Privatize, forget about the social safety net, accept the funding-cuts treachery imposed from the federal and state governments against the poor, the working poor, and the 'middle class.'  The Chautauqua County Nursing Home is FOR SALE. This is the story of those opposed to selling off the County's safety net, opposed to the capitulation to privatization. People who say government can't do it better shouldn't be in government. Eight chapters: The Home, The Marketing Firm, The Gas Well, Sabotage, The County Executive, A Living Wage, Clash of Philosophies, Our Heritage (31 min.)

Jim Fetzer, keynote speaker at the Honoring Wellstone Tribute (Minneapolis, Oct. 23, 2012), quotes CIA head William Colby (who was himself murdered for such revelations).  Fetzer (U. of Minn. philosophy professor, ret.), is the author of American Assassination (The Strange Death of Sen. Paul Wellstone). He is also featured in Snowshoefilms’ documentary, Wellstone: They Killed Him.  In his Tribute talk, Fetzer recalled the words of Pres. Reagan’s CIA director, Bill Casey: “The CIA will have succeeded when everything that the American people believe is false.”  In under 20 minutes, Prof. Fetzer exposes the absurd official story (FBI, NTSB, NIST & the Media) the American

people have been fooled into believing about the Wellstone crash.  The CIA’s success is nearly a done deal, and groups like the Wellstone Action are gatekeepers reinforcing the trance state.  As Fetzer says in conclusion, ‘Minnesota nice isn’t gonna cut it.”  -18 min.

Mark Novitsky, national security whistleblower, offers one of the most compelling reasons Senator Paul Wellstone was publicly assassinated on October 25, 2002. Just eight days earlier, on October 17, the maverick senator introduced the Consumer Shareholder Protection Act, SB 3143. A couple of days before that, Dick Cheney, the president of vice, summoned Paul Wellstone to his office, threatening him to back off. As whistleblower Colleen Rowley said at the Oct. 23, 2012 "Honoring Wellstone" event in Minneapolis, this was 'mafia style' politics. Murder most foul. The evidence mounts. Wellstone was looking into 9/11, something that Cheney

couldn't allow. And Mark Novitsky was in the position to know that Wellstone's proposed legislation would have been a major obstacle to the financial crimes and bailouts on the agenda for the very near future. Wellstone, too, as Novitsky and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton note, would have been a major Presidential challenger to the treacherous John Kerry in 2004. As Mark Novitsky observes, 'means, motive and opportunity' are the primary factors in investigating a crime. Novitsky's insight adds powerfully to understanding motive in the murder of Paul Wellstone and seven others on that fateful plane. - 24 min.

THERE'S NO CONSCIENCE LEFT: Colleen Rowley on Wellstone

HONORING WELLSTONE: A Tribute, Questions, and a Call for Justice (Minneapolis Wellstone Memorial Event, Oct 23, 2012), hosted by SEC Whistleblower Mark Novitsky.  Former FBI attorney, Colleen Rowley reveals her first encounter with Paul Wellstone where the senator was one of four who urged FBI Director Robert Mueller not to fire Rowley for her timely whistle blowing (the other three: Chuck Grassley (Ia), Patrick Leahy (Vt), and Mark Dayton, Wellstone’s Minnesota colleague in the Senate). 
At her first meeting with Wellstone, Colleen was surprised to get a hug from the senator that lifted her off her feet.
Wellstone celebrated bravery with an

enthusiasm that was contagious.  Rowley calls for a rejuvenation of the Wellstone spirit (in contrast with ‘Wellstone Action’ which most pathetically promulgates the official story of Wellstone’s murder). - 12 min.

Bilderberg 2012 (part 1)  -- Chantilly Virginia (5/31 to 6/3)  These are truly secret and illegal meetings of the elite, a violation of the Logan Act.  Demonstrating just how secret they are, the mainstream press dutifully stays away.    As Abby Martin of Russia Today says, “…corporate media is owned by [the Bilderberg] power elite…it’s quite incredible that we have to turn to Russian Television to get the truth about our own government.”  Veteran journalist and American Free Press (AFP) reporter Jim Tucker has been watching and reporting on the Bilderbergers for over 30 years. 

Tucker describes the secret organization as “a group of international criminals,” tracing them back to collusion between the Rockefeller and Rothschild families.  Filmmaker and 9/11 activist Jason Bermas notes that a small group of regular Bilderbergers tap key power-player front men to “groom them toward their own goals of collusion and consolidation of power over the next year.”  AFP reporter Mark Anderson expresses a glimmer of optimism in noting that greater numbers of young people are onto the Bilderberg agenda – and know that they have to expose it.  (part one of a series)

IVAW led thousands of protesters in a march on the NATO meetings. The police would not allow the march to get to McCormick Place where the meetings were held.  The march ended at Michigan and Cermak where over 50 Veterans gave moving statements and threw their medals toward the NATO meetings.  AFP reporter Mark Anderson among others sum up the events in this 30 minute video. 

watch the preview, pass it on and order a dvd to contribute to our next projects.

A public hearing was NEVER held,
part of your purchase will go toward supporting a new investigation into the "accident".


Chautauqua County (NY) considers abandoning its historical responsibility to the elderly, selling off its County Home, abdicating to the market: privatize, forget about the social safety net, give in without a fight to cold-calling real estate hucksters. Is it the case that the only voices standing up to local government's potential capitulation are Labor, the friends and families of unions? It becomes apparent that the sleazy effort to privatize the County Home is also a direct attack on unions, decent wages - as speakers note. Thus the effort to sell off the County Home is a double treachery - against the poor, the working poor, and Chautauqua County's ever-shrinking middle class. 

We are the 99 percent.  Occupy Fredonia rally, Nov. 12, 2011. SUNY students petitioned the university town to 'occupy' Fredonia's public square, Barker Commons, for two weeks (Nov.5-20, 2011). Permission was granted. The students, and others, stuck it out, organizing teach-ins, live streaming video, music and marches. On Nov. 12 the students et al. held a rally. Speakers included local union leaders, SUNY professors, students, anti-war activists, veterans ("we fight and we die and are maimed; they can spend money to bomb other 

countries to oblivion - and they can't take care of the veterans"). The rally was a public briefing, a town hall meeting: a professor alerts her audience to the on-going rapacious privatization of education; a young union man gives a forceful analysis of the fraud of 'fractional reserve lending'; another young professor illustrates corporate indifference to anything but profit in an update on the Tonawanda Coke benzine crimes ("...91 tons of benzine released in 2010"). Several speakers tell of the wholesale corporate control of the election process (Citizens United v. FCC, 2010) whereby corporate entities now have no restrictions on contributions to political candidates. Speakers also alert the assembled citizens of the probable fact that NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo will lift the 'millionaire tax' on his fellow millionaires, losing a billion a year, money which will be made up by cutting services, wages, firing public employees. Exemplifying the privatization thrust, speakers call attention to the effort to sell off the highly regarded Chautauqua County Nursing Home based in Dunkirk.  Further illustrating the privatization agenda, speaker Rose Conti (CSEA) said, "We used to be called public employees; before that, we were public servants; now we're called Public Enemy No. 1."

In 2009, New York's governor, bowing to federal dictate, set out to downsize its hospitals. On this "Berger Commission" chopping block was Westfield Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room, a facility that services over 30,000 people spread over a thousand square miles. Shutting the facility made no sense, financial or otherwise. Thousands of residents (& visitors) of Chautauqua County recognized this and 

did what they could to put pressure on the governor. Patients, volunteer firefighters and EMTs, nurses, doctors, sheriffs, county and state representative, mayors, Amish leaders and others tell their stories, explaining to Albany ('Governor, are you listening?') how utterly foolish, criminal really, it would be to shut down western New York's ER.
 Lots of copies of this documentary were sent to the governor's office. For nearly a year western Chautauqua County was held in dreaded suspense. And then, on November 22, 2010, the hospital got the word that it would be spared (no apologies for the high anxiety from the people in the Castle). THIS IS THE FINAL EDIT OF THE 7-PART SERIES "Keep Westfield Memorial Hospital's ER Open". The series aired on Chan. 5 Public Access (Mayville), in late 2009 and 2010. It was also aired in Jamestown New York, Time-Warner Cable. On November 22, 2010 the hospital got the word that it was to be spared.

In this lecture by Michel Chossudovsky, he blows away the smokescreen put up by the mainstream media, that 9/11 was an attack on America by "Islamic terrorists". Through meticulous research, he has uncovered a military-intelligence ploy behind the September 11 attacks, and the cover-up and complicity of key members of the Bush Administration. According to Chossudovsky, the "war on terrorism" is a complete fabrication based on the illusion that one man, Osama bin Laden, outwitted the $40 billion-a-year American intelligence apparatus. The "war on terrorism" is a war of conquest. 

Globalisation is the final march to the "New World Order", dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex. September 11, 2001 provides a justification for waging a war without borders. Washington's agenda consists in extending the frontiers of the American Empire to facilitate complete U.S. corporate control, while installing within America the institutions of the Homeland Security State. google video link

note: WE ARE subscribers to Brasscheck TV’s video listserv. On April 17, 2011, we received a link to a video we at snowshoefilms published eight years ago: Prof. Michel Chossudovsky (University of Ottawa), speaking in 2003 in Hamilton, Ontario. The lecture was accompanied by an interview we did with him. 
  As usual, Brasscheck TV doesn’t credit producers, What’s ours is yours. We received this from Brasscheck: “Yoryevrah: This video "9/11, Globalization, and Total War" has proven to be one of our most persistently popular videos. If you missed it the first time around (and you probably did), here it is again. It takes time, but it explains much. The more people who know what they're up to, the more it messes up their game.” 
  In the eight years since this video, we've seen a lot of people go quite far out of their way to avoid seeing Israel and the Zionist agenda as a central feature in 9/11 and the globalization/security game plan. We look forward to talking about this with Chossudovsky. 
If we do, maybe Brasscheck will call it one of their most popular videos in eight or nine years.

27 MILLION SLAVES - Kevin Bales, PhD, author of Disposable People and head of Free the Slaves, did a whirlwind tour April 19, 2005, of Mercyhurst Campus in Erie PA, speaking to a half-dozen different venues. We caught up with three of them: Mercyhurst high school, college and an evening public presentation on the campus.
Bales explains the devastating effects of "globalization" (think NAFTA, GATT, IMF, World Bank and the policy-makers CFR, Trilateral Commission, 

Bilderberg) has been TO CHEAPEN LIFE, creating a new, even more grotesque kind of slavery. A slave in pre-civil war South could cost the equivalent of $40,000. Today, though (and though illegal), Bales documents that a throw-away slave can be had for $50 or so.
Under a 1930 law, it is illegal to import products into the US that have been made by prison labor. Yet Wal-mart imports merchandise from some 900 Chinese prisons (at last count).
Bales also makes reference to the criminal US post-civil war slave emancipation where slaves were ill-prepared to survive but rather set up for exploitation in perpetuity. Video uses segments of Free the Slaves film used in Bales' lectures. Program aired April 2005 on Channel 5 Public Access

In 2002, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from Georgia questioned the official story of 9/11. She was also a pain to the "Israel Lobby," questioning "all them Israeli resolutions" (as her father would tell us). We wondered, does McKinney know what she was getting into? What sort of intellectual/political support group did she have to stand up to seriously challenging the collective cognitive imperative (think sayanim). This was dangerous business. 

We headed to Georgia, from New York, to film her campaign, discover who her intellectual colleagues were, and help, if possible. We found, foremost, Billy McKinney.
We filmed only a few days, racing around madly, trying to keep up with the Congresswoman - then she flew off to DC, to vote against the homeland security legislation. We'd been warned she was on a tight schedule before we drove to Decatur. But it looked like the primary was in the bag, A month later, though, McKinney lost the primary when the AIPAC-led opposition stealthily induced GOP voters to forgo their own primary and vote against McKinney in the Democrat primary. McKinney lost. So did State Rep. Billy McKinney. Billy died last year (2010). We pull this video out of the mothballs of Indymedia, to re-post it, attaching Cynthia McKinney's moving July 19 2010 tribute to her father.

Good News/Bad News: War Initiation and Justification - Kevin Barrett, Sept 11, 2010, Baraboo, Wisconsin - 9/11 was not a hot topic at this year's Fighting BobFest, but Kevin Barrett came with the bad news: 9/11 was an Inside Job.  He also came with good news: Normal People are still mostly normal (in spite of 50 years of pathocracy), they don't like hurting other people and must be lied and tricked into doing really stupid things like falling for the official 9/11 story and then getting suckered into genocidal wars that are clearly against their own self-interests. The hope is that normal people wise up.  Barrett's most recent book is Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie.  (He spoke at Peacefest II, a post-Bobfest event). see also transcript

9/11/2010 - Barrett in Baraboo BobFest afterevent.
What is ponerology? What role do psychopaths play in the government? Why is psychological naiveté so necessary to a pathocracy? What is a schizoid state? Does Israel’s schizoidal rabbinical core drive that state? Kevin Barrett addresses these and related questions, referencing Polish psychologist Andrew Lobaczewski’s book, "Political Ponerology."  A sociopath has no moral compunction against harming others, Barrett explains. (more

Donald Gibson PhD. (U. of Pittsburgh) is the author of four books that explore ideology and power (Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency; The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up; Environmentalism: Ideology and Power; and Communication, Power and Media). In this first part of a series ranging over the topics of these books, sociologist Gibson offers his views on what a real environmental concern would look like, as opposed to the environmental movement as created and directed by elites that use environmentalism as an ideology (or religion) to dissuade and undermine a 
notion of progress -- a notion of progress famously held by President John F. Kennedy.
During the course of this series, Gibson examines the elite's malthusian agenda, and how JFK, one of the elites himself, got in the way of crucial parts of the agenda, and just who these self-appointed elites are (a hint: the regular Bilderberg attendees). see also full transcript 

part 1 youtube link 

The future of health care in rural America is revealed in the plight of this Western New York community. It's an exercise in triage, controlled by the top: our taxes go to illegal/immoral wars, and bailing out banker crooks; "our government", in debt, borrows more money from these bankers; but the bankers demand collateral: sell off public assets, sell your roads, privatize everything. The States surrender to the Fed: control is centralized. But this community, with the Amish, is fighting back.
see also  see also Part 2 and Amish Plea to Keep the Hospital Open

Catherine Lutz, cultural anthropologist (Brown University) surveys the domestic cost of war after Sept. 11, 2001: economy destroyed, massive redistribution of wealth upward, corruption of our youth, dehumanization of our citizens, passivity, ignorance and psychological disorientation: a crippling of our sense of self. Iraq Veterans Against the War Winter Soldier Hearing Civilian Testimony. -24 minutes - play video at right or visit this page link for download options.

David Legates, PhD, Delaware state climatologist & assoc. professor of climatology, University of Delaware, asks, "Is our climate changing and if so, are humans responsible?" He answers, yes and no. Climate is always changing; and no, humans are not driving the change. Dr. Legates examines current data and finds warming has leveled off in the past 5 years, and that the earth's poles heat faster than other parts of the planet. The climatologist exposes Al Gore's fraudulent interpretation of data. CO2 does not drive climate change & changes in the sun dictate the earth's climate change. 
Dr. Legates spoke in Milwaukee on March 30 at an event sponsored by the Heartland Institute. Part 1 of 4). Filmed by ranxer (snowshoefilms), edited by yoryevrah 
part 1 -
youtube link

30 Veterans in 30 Minutes. 
Iraq Veterans Against the War met in Maryland in March 2008, ovear 200 veterans in attendance, dozens of cameras, simulcasts and radio hosts. Over 50 veterans testified to what they witnessed in Iraq and Afghanistan and invited the world to watch. The event was ignored by the mainstream media. We continue to work with the footage and re-present it to those that missed it. See also the full testimonies at  
part 1
- part 2 - part 3
This DVD comes Free with any Winter Soldier DVD order.

A wounded Omar Khadr, 15, was shot twice in the back during the U.S. December 2001 attack on an Afghan compound where Osama bin Laden was reportedly staying. The son of Canadian relief worker Ahmed Said Khadr (reputed by the U.S. to be a member of 'Al Qaida'), young Khadr was patched up and sent to Guantanamo. While other western governments have repatriated their Guantanamo-held citizens caught up in the U.S. attack on Afghanistan ('Al Qaida' and the Taliban being the designated patsies for 9/11), Khadr, now 22, remains in prison. The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation awarded its annual 'Awesome Dude Award' to Omar Khadr in an effort to have the young Canadian returned to his home country. Aug. 30, 2008, Sudbury, Ontario.
Part 1 -
youtube link  Part 2 - youtube link  

Musician, radio host and filmmaker Dave von Kleist sings a Phil Ochs song at the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation's 9th annual conference, Sudbury, Ontario Aug 30 2008.  Ochs' song captures the induced paranoia of the late 50s and 60s which turned everything into a suspected threat, and thus to preemptively cripple it, destroy it. Dave von Kleist concludes the song with a rif on the 'peace movement' see also - - 6 minutes - youtube link

DEADLY VACCINES - GULF WAR SYNDROME: Garth Nicolson, Microbiologist  - Are vaccines contaminated? Are they potentially deadly? Garth Nicolson, whistle-blowing microbiologist (see THE DAY LILY PROJECT), addresses these questions in this excerpt from Dr. Nicolson's talk at the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Conference in Sudbury, Aug 29-31, 2008
11 minutes - youtube link DVD #28 AVAILABLE

Common Cause Medical Research Foundation - Donald Scott, editor of 'The Journal of Degenerative Diseases. Presentation on AIDS & the co-factor mycoplasma - 'The Crime Beyond Belief.' Sudbury, Ontario Conference Aug 29-31, 2008. -1hour 26minutes - google video link

- Prof. Nicolson’s hypothesis is straightforward: “The emergence of new illnesses and an increase in the incidence rate of previously described signs & symptoms are due to our toxic environment & the purposeful development & testing of Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Nicolson (Institute for Molecular Medicine. spoke at the 9th Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Conference, Sudbury, Ontario Aug. 29-31, 2008. Full presentation
1hr 17min Interview 10min
- google video link DVD #28 AVAILABLE
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IRAQ UPDATE: Sami Rasouli  Recently returned from Iraq, Sami Rasouli  (founder and director of Muslim Peace Maker Teams) in conversation with a Gold Star Mother at the Veterans for Peace National Convention. Mr. Rasouli covers perspectives on who is left in Iraq after assassinations of scientists, the carving up of Iraq proposed by Senator Biden and the effects of the surge.  Aug 30, 2008. St. Paul Minn. see also
10 Min. - youtube link
Available on dvd with IVAW march on the RNC and Ray McGovern
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RAY McGOVERN: WHO STARTED THE WAR IN GEORGIA? Co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professional for Sanity, Ray McGovern presented parallels between Germany before WWII and the U.S. today. He tells us that Amy Goodman had just been arrested, "we're at that point folks where even nationally celebrated heroes like Amy Goodman are at risk."   He later relates an alternative view of the conflict in Georgia. (1Sep2008)  Part 1 of 2 - 8min. youtube link
27 year CIA Veteran, Ray McGovern, relates the real push to go to war with Iran via false flag operations like the covered up attack on the USS Liberty 41 years ago.
(1Sept2008) St. Paul Minnesota. 9min. youtube link
Available on dvd with IVAW march on the RNC and Sami Rasouli
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the War marched on the RNC in St. Paul Minnesota to protest the war, and deliver a letter on the treatment of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War. McCain's representatives refused to receive the letter or meet with the IVAW representative. (1Sep2008) see also
10minute version - youtube link
28minute version - play winmedia file or play google video
Available on dvd with Ray McGovern and Sami Rasouli
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CHRONIC ILLNESSES: Who’s killing us, and how?
(GARTH NICOLSON interview, Sudbury, Ontario, Aug. 30, 2008)
Will YOUR doctor tell you about weaponized mycoplasma? About engineered mycoplasma in vaccines? Or will he or she treat your symptoms, hook you up for life (or death) on high-priced (and often dangerous) drugs? What's the real story of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, AIDS and other degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Crohns, Parkinson's, Huntington's, Lupus, Lyme diease, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, diabetes type one and others? If your doctor doesn't know about (or isn't curious about) U.S. chemical and biological warfare, Operation Paperclip, MKNAOMI, MKDELTA, Texas prison inmates being used as guinea pigs to test genetically engineered pathogens, then get another doctor. You can't afford not to know what Dr. Nicolson is carefully, cautiously, telling us. (9th Common Cause Medical Research Foundation conference, Aug. 29-31, 2008) 10:30min - see also (full article transcript here)
10min youtube link
play youtube video

THE GREEN PARTY, THE SECOND PARTY: Kathy Kelly 10min youtube link


HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11: Paul Zarembka
Prof. Paul Zarembka on the launching of his book, The Hidden History of 9-11. The book is an updated 2nd edition of the 2006 Dutch version (Elsiever) priced at $85. Seven Stories taking on the Zarembka book marks the first time a 'major' independent progressive publisher has touched 9-11 critically. Further, Seven Stories published the blockbuster Noam Chomsky book, 9-11 in early 2002. Chomsky's book accepts the official story.Prof. Zarembka teaches economics at the State University of New York, Buffalo. youtube link
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"That type of E-Coli outbreak would never happen anywhere else in the world except the U.S." - FAMILY FARM DEFENDERS  moved to our HEALTH PAGE

                                                                                     moved to our PALESTINE PAGE

A SNIPER'S TALE: Garret Reppenhagen
"There are ways to resist this war within army regulations, if you're a citizen soldier you still obtain your rights as a citizen you’re able to use those rights and you should since your the one sacrificing to protect those rights." Reppenhagen spoke on the IVAW panel, "The future of GI resistance," at the Winter Soldier testimony in March 2008. He is the co-creator of an active duty resistance blog   click here to view transcript/more
-10 mins
- youtube link                    SEE OUR IVAW PAGE

After the Vietnam War and the great slumber (1973-2003), those at the top and the ideologues who achieved control of the U.S. government, learned visceral lessons from the Vietnam War: do away with the draft, control the media, privatize the military, fine tune the killing machine (the officers) & govern by stealth and false flag. Appy, in his March 15 2008 testimony, sees cause for hope in the IVAW resistance. 10 mins - youtube link    SEE OUR IVAW PAGE

I’M NO LONGER THE MONSTER I ONCE WAS: IVAW activist Jon M. Turner began his Winter Soldier 2008 testimony, “‘Once a Marine, always a Marine.’ But there’s also the term, ‘Eat the apple, F the core.’” With that, Turner ripped his many medals from his shirt, “I don’t work for you no more.” In bravely relating his horrific experiences In Iraq, Turner exposes the purposeful and on-going creation of monsters by the U.S. military, the politicians who direct them and the public which acquiesces. As Francisco Goya wrote many years ago, “the sleep of reason produces monsters.” see also - 9 mins - youtube link
get a dvd copy of our first five vids from Winter Soldier 58minutes click for details

Iraq Veteran Against the War Sergio Kochergin woke up to the criminal nature of the war sometime in his second deployment to Iraq. Speaking out at Winter Soldier Sergio described how he was used and abused. Winter Soldier 2008 Testimonies from Iraq and Afghanistan, Silver Spring Maryland.
15min google video link part one 5:43 youtube link part two 9:32 youtube link
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‘WE’RE POISONING THE WORLD’: WINTER SOLDIER II  Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), Silver Spring Maryland, March 13-16, 2008. Matt Howard (USMC 1st Tank Battalion) reveals the military policy toward its troops: lie and cover-up, then discard and/or discredit. full text/more
see also
long version 23 mins - google video link
short version 10 mins - youtube link
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IVAW Winter Soldier Fundraiser - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Feb 23 2008.
Winter Soldier, Washington D.C. March 13-16th, 2008
For simulcast info visit:
Once again, veterans are fighting for the soul of our country.  They will demonstrate their patriotism by speaking out with honor and integrity instead of blindly following failed policy.  Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan will feature testimony from U.S. veterans who served in those occupations, giving an accurate account of what is really happening day in and day out, on the ground.
see also:
10 mins - youtube link
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THE SHAME OF NOAM CHOMSKY & LEFT GATEKEEPERS: Barrie Zwicker was the first journalist in the world to deeply question, on national television, the official story of 9/11. It was a great honor in 2003 to meet Zwicker in Toronto. We knew his courageous series of programs questioning the official story had cost him his career in journalism. Zwicker spent no time lamenting. He was organizing, with colleagues, a 9/11 truth movement, determined to expose the big lie: the false-flag inside job terrorist attack would be and was being used as justification for the 'war on terrorism', the war on Islam, the destruction of Iraq.
10 mins - youtube link

CANADA'S GREAT EXPERIMENT: 1935-1974 - THE CRIME OF THE CANADIAN BANKING SYSTEM Bill Abram (part 2 of 3) For nearly 40 years, Canada - the people of Canada - had control of their own currency! Imagine! They founded their own bank and issued their own currency with no debt obligations to banks. Taxes were low and debt was too. They got themselves out of the depression that had been induced by the international banking cartel in 1929.
full text/more  youtube link  get the 3 part dvd

FALSE FLAG TERRORISM TO BE BLAMED ON IRAN  Peter Dale Scott  full text/more
youtube link

Author of The Bilderberg Group exposes the men behind the curtain, the "owners" and their scribes and bureaucrats. Estulin buys into the Bilderberg rationale (peak oil, etc) but exposes it at the same time. Toronto Oct. 19, 2007.
full text/more youtube link 10min - 8meg quicktime 6.4meg winmedia links below: 
Play quicktime filePlay winmedia file
full text/more
youtube link 10min - 8meg quicktime 4.4meg winmedia links below: 
Play quicktime filePlay winmedia file
full text/more  youtube link 10min - 7.3meg quicktime 5.7meg winmedia links below: 
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full text/more 10min  youtube link
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A NATION CANNOT SURVIVE TREASON: CICERO - 43 B.C.  2000 years before Eisenhower warned of the military-industrial complex, Cicero warned us of "treason from within." Greg Felton, author of The Host and the Parasite (How Israel's Fifth Column Consumed America) ends his book with Marcus Tullius Cicero's last words (43 B.C). 3min - youtube link

THE MAD NEO-CONS IN THE WHITE HOUSE WILL USE LASER WEAPONS ON IRAN - BOB FITRAKIS, author of Star Wars, Weather Mod & Full Spectrum Dominance, surveys what little is known about secret high-energy directed weapons. The USAF has been blowing missiles out of the sky since 1973 with their directed energy weapons. It used them IN IRAQ in 1991 and again on March 18, 2003. 10min - youtube link

ZELIKOW - part 1 Philip Zelikow, 9/11 insider, is scheduled to speak at Chautauqua Institution on August 9, 2007 (western New York, near Jamestown).
As Webster Tarpley notes, Zelikow is very important in the 9/11 cover-up.
In 1998, Philip Zelikow published an article in Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations, entitled CATASTROPHIC TERRORISM:..
full text/more  youtube link
- part 2
full text/more - 7min youtube link transcript - 3.4meg and 4.5meg links below:  
Play quicktime filePlay winmedia file
CARVING UP IRAQ (while not being seen as a carver) -
part 3 
full text/more - 8 min. - youtube link  


SICK, WOUNDED, GO HOME AND DIE: MAJOR DOUG ROKKE explains U.S. military policy toward its own troops. Over 66,257 soldiers who served in the first war on Iraq (1991) are dead.
see our Doug Rokke page for full text/vid links

see our James Fetzer Page or youtube link

DEPLETED URANIUM IN THE HUMAN BODY: Sr Rosalie Bertell, PhD Part 1  youtube link
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21meg quicktime  and 20meg winmedia 7.7meg quicktime and 6.1meg winmedia links below: - youtube link
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10min  youtube link

Article - Francis Boyle: Anthrax Coverup: A Government Insider Speaks Out
Is it possible that the anthrax attacks were launched from within our own government?
A former Bush one advisor thinks it on

9/11 COMMISSION REFUSES TO HEAR TESTIMONY OF 503 FIRST-RESPONDER EYEWITNESSES see - full text/more(part 1&2)  or youtube link(pt1) 



 transcript of at filmmakers notebook #121 VERSION 2 REVISED - 18min, 37megwinmedia, 38megquicktime, 14meg quicktime, 11meg winmedia files below
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1 hour dvd includes William Pepper speech and short from ground zero 9-11 2006
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 Filmmakers notebook #116 28min  47megwinmedia, 48megquicktime, 20meg quicktime, 15meg winmedia files below
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PRESENT THE MASSIVE PRIMA FACIE CASE ON 9/11 TO THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION RALPH SCHOENMAN Filmmakers notebook#114 21:41min 43megwinmedia, 46megquicktime, 17meg quicktime, 14meg winmedia files below
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