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(Part 4 of a 4-part series interview with Ralph Schoenman, conducted May 27, 2004, Toronto. Schoenman was a speaker at the International Citizensí Inquiry into 9-11 (phase 2). Transcription of the video interview).

President George Bush: [Picture and sound insert] Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the eleventh.

Ralph Schoenman (VOICE OVER INTRO/TITLE/CREDITS) History is not driven by conspiracy. Itís structured, itís institutional, itís systemic and itís systematic Ė but our rulers conduct their affairs in a conspiratorial manner.

Schoenman: Itís part of the propaganda barrage thatís directed against any examination of the historical facts and the realities of our present that weíre accused of conjuring up conspiracies. Itís somewhat paradoxical, as I like to point out, in that the most frequently deployed juridical category at every level of US jurisdiction of municipal, county, state or federal level is that of conspiracy: conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to do this, conspiracy to do that. Thereís the RICO Act. Most prosecutorial adventures by the authorities have to do with what they call conspiracy. By definition, itís two people agreeing in consort to undertake a [purportedly criminal] action in common. And most prosecutors impute conspiracy to those that they charge with events that they consider to be violative of what they call law. The only conspiracy in which they have vanishingly little interest is that of our rulers.

[PICTURE INSERT: OUR RULERS]: George Bush and Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney. Voice over:

Bush [VOICE OVER]: Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the eleventh.

Schoenman: And while it is true as I again like to point out, that history is not driven by conspiracies. Itís structured, itís institutional, itís systemic and itís systematic Ė but our rulers conduct their affairs in a conspiratorial manner precisely because they are not answerable to our people because their power is concealed. Itís not registered through formal representative institutions that are empty of content. Power is not exercised through those means.

As I like to cite Robert Townsend who was the president of Avis and American Express. He did a book called Up the Organization [in which] he calculates that 5,000 control what he calls the commanding heights of the US economy. And Townsend tells us that they regard this country as their own whore house and they treat each president as their private towel boy.

Well, I donít think thatís rhetoric. I think thatís an accurate sociological description. And thatís been part of the investigative work of historians and literary figures such as Mark Twain to Charles Beard to C.Wright Mills in his book The Power Elite to the work of William Domhoff, The Rich and the Superrich and Who Rules America? to Ferdinand Lundbergís Sixty Families. Every examination of the structure of power in our society arrives at the same information. Itís part of the furniture of our lives. The established media are replete with it, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Itís nothing arcane. Itís nothing ďmysterious.Ē Itís precise, itís evidentiary; itís scientific, itís real. Itís not a matter of pejorative rhetoric; itís a matter of sociology about how power operates in a capitalist order in todayís world.

Our society is controlled by a kleptocracy, by a gang of people who are reflective of power that does not proceed through formal institutions. And that is the inherent conflict and contradiction, if you like, between the forms of representative government and the actual workings of power outside the formal reach of those institutions. It isnít just that the formal political process is bought and paid for, which we well understand. Itís that the institutions themselves are theater. Itís public relations. It has nothing to do with where decisions are taken and how they are made. That is done through clandestine institutions that have been established by those in power and they are the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and the National Security Council and the plethora of 14 to 15 intelligence agencies with their black budgets and their secret operations.

Thatís the furniture of control, the operational means through which the rulers conduct their affairs. So there is a conspiratorial character to the way in which they rule, because they cannot say to the American people, [e.g.] ĎWe want to obtain the resources of Indochina. We want to displace the French colonial control of Indochina. And in order to accomplish that, weíre going to generate events that are of our own making such as the Gulf of Tonkin.í When we were told, were we not?, that the North Vietnamese had fired on an American ship. They would have had every right to do so. These were US destroyers, a naval armada, in territorial waters of Vietnam. Oh, fie! They fired on these intruding forces Ė but in fact, it never happened. Nobody is in dispute any more about the fact that this was an invention. And thatís the pretext and thatís the rationale, thatís the justification for visiting a devastating war on this suffering people, that transformed their country into the landscape of the moon, that killed between three and four million people, that entailed intelligence operations of our special forces that are now unfolding in Iraq before our eyes but which in Vietnam, in such things as the Phoenix Program, required the systematic murder of 60,000 people on the ground: village leaders, students, trade unionists, people who were of those oppressed people in Vietnam, physically liquidated. Talk about state terror. So that is the nature of rule in an economic and political order that is essentially the domain of pirates whose proper flag is a skull and crossbones.
Conclusion 4-part series (filmmakersí notebook # 74), published July 2004 Buffalo Indymedia.

Veteran analyst /activist Schoenman in 1993 revealed the FBI and Mossad control of the Feb. 26, 1993 WTC bombing which was blamed on Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, the designated patsy (and subsequently atty. Lynne Stewart's client). "Because Lynne Stewart is, after all, in possession of the evidence, in mounting a case for Sheikh Rahman, was presenting the authorities with a real prospect of the role of the US authorities in these events becoming obvious, transparent and irrefutable, she has herself beenÖcharged with aiding and abetting terrorists for functioning as a defense atty. seeking due process for the accused." Transcription of a Snowshoefilms interview of May 27, 2004 Toronto (phase 2)Intl Citizens' Inquiry into 9-11.

Snowshoefilms: In order to understand 9-11, it's important that we understand the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. Would you elaborate on that event?

Ralph Schoenman: It's important to look at what happened in 1993 because there you see indisputably the hands of US intelligence and the Mossad all over the operation. In essence theÖ. and by the
way, it's not just about bombing the World Trade Center. It also has to do with what is called the Landmark Case. And bear in mind that the patsy - the person who is held responsible for both the World Trade Center in 1993 and a presumptive plot to blow up what are called the landmarks, the Lincoln Tunnel, the Holland Tunnel, George Washington Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, the United Nations and so on - all of this is laid at the door of Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman, a blind Egyptian cleric with his mosques in Brooklyn and in New Jersey.

But in actuality, what happened in 1993, a high-level FBI operative and figure out of Egyptian intelligence named Emad Ali Salem was sent into the mosque in New Jersey in particular, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to recruit young men on a need-to-know basis, for meetings about which they were not told - namely, as to the purpose. And then various provocations were initiated by this operative. Emad Ali Salem proposed bombing the World Trade Center. He made a plan for so-called 'taking out' the landmarks, Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, the Statue of Liberty etc.

Throughout these discussions, these meetings, the provocations and plans, he wore a wire and transcribed the contents of each meeting. Those transcriptions were deposited in offices of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York. Fifty file boxes for a period of six months prior to the actual event in 1993 at the World Trade Center.

When you look at what in fact took place, you find that the very person who arranged the Ryder rental van and the safe-house and was working in conjunction with EMAD ALI SALEM was a figure named Guzie (also Josie) Hadas of the Israeli Mossad and the Israeli intelligence services with their internal
Communications (Matera) had already been exchanging back and forth the parameters of this event prior to its occurrence. That's on the record. Ironically, and by the way, what I am describing here with respect to the role of Emad Ali Salem, an FBI operative planning, implementing, wholly responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993. This has been documented in the New York Times, in the Village Voice, the Los Angeles Times and the Dallas Muslim World Monitor. In fact, Ralph Blumenthal in his long article in the New York Times [Oct. 28, 1993] which describes the role of Emad Ali Salem, cites Emad Ali Salem as stating that the FBI had assured him that at the penultimate moment, the explosives put into play would not detonate.

Now leaving aside that second line of defense, it's actual acknowledgment of the role of the US intelligence agencies in instigating this event. Keep in mind that all of the major media subsequently have ascribed to the perpetration of the bombing a lynchpin role in the 9-11 events. the article by Richard Bernstein in the New York Times on the first anniversary of 9-11 imputes to Ramzi Yousef and his meetings in Malaysia, contact with none other than Mohamed Atta, for the planning and implementation of the bombing of the WTC in 1993.

So you have in 1993 an actual dry run implementation of the 9-11operation so far as it affects the WTC. I don't mean the putative planes, but the bombing of the World Trade Center as such.


The ideological bully pulpit which is essential role of the official 9-11 hearings, orchestrates the same theme. '1993, Al QaidaÖ' Within minutes, by the way, of the bombing of the [1993] World Trade Center, the authorities were stating that it was the responsibility of Al Qaida, they had the entire apparatus of Al Qaida being described in the press in relation to the bombing of the World Trade Center.


The attorney for Sheik Rahman, Lynne Stewart, a heroic figure, because Lynne Stewart is, after all, in possession of the evidence, in mounting a defense for Sheik Rahman, was presenting the authorities with a real prospect of the role of the United States authorities in these events becoming obvious, transparent and irrefutable. Lynne Stewart has herself been subject to arrest and the charge of aid and abetting terrorists and now she's running the risk of 20 to 30 years in prison for actually functioning as a defense attorney seeking due process for the accused.

The measure of the extent to which the events of 9-11 and their false flag nature are a reference point for the suspension of all formal liberties and due process protection in the United States itself. The
hand of intelligence is all over these false flag operations. So in that respect, it is indeed a lynchpin event, the bombing of the World
Trade Center in 1993 for the subsequent preparation and unfolding of events. And I think it's also illustrative of a method, a modus
operandus, that is central to the capitalist state in the conduct of its affairs today. Think through the fact that all of the major operations
imputed to "terrorists" are associated with American intelligence agencies. The bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi in 1998 imputed
again, to Al Qaida/Osama bin Laden. Well, the actual coordinator of that, as the San Francisco Chronicle detailed, was a long-standing, high
level FBI operative. He was previously in army intelligence, a staff sergeant with intelligence responsibilities. He had wholly penetrated
the entourage of Osama bin Laden. In fact was organizing the body guards for Osama bin Laden on behalf of the FBI.

The bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi has the fingerprint of the Mossad as well, because Israeli intelligence in Haaretz had
documented, had not just made known the plan for the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi, it was acknowledged in the Israeli press that these
preparations and the projected bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi was part of Mossad exchange of operations memoranda. They'd been published
in Israel. False flag operation. False flag operations that bear the mark of the rulers of the United States, that one percent of the population that owns 90 percent of the national wealth and that requires these sorts of pretexts for imperial adventures long in preparation but without the casus belli of the moment which they launch every major imperial foray.

I think that's the real heart and soul of the meaning and significance of the events of 1993 with respect to the bombing of the World Trade Center.


One further point about this. Particularly since the end of 2003, and certainly since the unfolding of the false flag operation - namely the
bombing of the train station in Madrid - every major medium of communication has centered on the inevitable next attacks that the
terrorists are providing.

Debka, which is basically the news outlet of the Israeli Shin Bet and Mossad intelligence services, has been orchestrating the theme everywhere, 'Oh,
Al Qaida has metastasized! It's now ubiquitous! It's everywhere all over Europe! Forty-five thousand operatives in France, ten to fifteen
thousand in Great Britain! a comparable number in Italy and in Germany over a hundred thousand Al Qaida operatives at work, now as sleepers. And not just that, they're not Arabs! Why they're Europeans. They're sitting next to you in your coffee bar preparing for an event that will dwarf Madrid! Will dwarf 9-11 itself!' Every other minute we're being treated to this preparation for the next foray, the next false flag

Only yesterday [May 27, 2004], Ashcroft and Robert Mueller** again sounded this trumpeting alarm about the inevitable attacks that will require the cancellation of the 2004 elections. What was the theme taken up by [David] Rothkopf in the Washington Post [11/23/03] by William Arkin in the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Newsday, Newsweek. All this is a drum beat preparing us for the 'inexorable' next attack.

Snowshoefilms: How do they know about this next attack?

Ralph Schoenman: We're informed that it's based upon what they call 'the increase in chatter.' Intelligence services are picking up an
increase in chatter. It's interesting that they monitor the chatter but they don't determine how to locate the users of the cell phones and the
means of communication on which the chatter is monitored, although that is a very simple thing for them to do.


I have a modest proposal here. I suggest that the reason [that their intelligence services can't 'locate' the terrorists] is very clear.
Our intelligence - these are special intelligence services that we have; they flow from our own ability to reason. The terrorists are not
so easily found because they look like George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz. And the leaders of the Democratic Party
itself in collusion with all this. They're not so easily recognized yet in the United States, but we're in the process of changing that.
We're in the process of allowing people to see who are the real terrorists and on whose behalf they function and what is the nature of
the state apparatus that visits these acts upon our people, and imputes them to demonic others who are held up as a scarecrow to hypnotize our
population, and to lure us into a kind of numbed acquiescence in the workings of the capitalist state itself.

Filmmaker's notebook # 74 published Buffalo Indymedia 7/8/04 (12:44 min.) Interview conducted 5/27/04. Special thanks to Bonnie Faulkner of Guns & Butter, KPFA

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